S4E6 – Rob Chifokoyo– Passion, Perspective and The Next Wave of Leaders

Doug and J.R. talk with author/speaker/pastor, Rob Cifokoyo. God is writing an unbelievable story with Rob’s life.  He was an emerging leader in his home country of Zimbabwe when he fell ill and found out that he needed a lifesaving kidney transplant. One of the supporters here in the states began praying for Rob, had him flown to the states, found a donor in their church and now here he is years later pastoring in PA. Rob brings an important word for today as we navigate this cultural moment we find ourselves in regarding the racial tension and COVID. He also brings an important word for senior leaders as they learn to hand over ministry. We know you will enjoy this conversation.

Website – www.robchif.com
Book – Hope Over Hype: Choosing Forever In A Right Now World

-What legs need to be added to your prayers this week?
-Take 5 mins and think through all the young leaders you know who are faithful, available, teachable, and hungry. Ask the Lord who to invest in and then do it.

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