S4E7 – Jonny Radcliff – Digital Formation, Metrics, and Ministry

Doug and J.R. have a great conversation about youth ministry, youth pastors, and formation in the digital world with our good friend Jonny Radcliff.  Jonny is a youth pastor the greater Philadelphia area and he also serves as the Philadelphia Metro Area Coordinator for National Network of Youth Ministries. We appreciate the way he is able to think local and large as he has mentored leaders and been in the trenches of Youth ministry for 12 years.  He brings much needed perspective to the conversation as we think about loving and supporting our students and the pastors who lead them.  We hope you are challenged to encourage our youth pastors in this season.


-What do healthy metrics look like in this season? (Have this conversation with your staff.)
-Encourage a youth pastor with a text, call, gift card, or all of the above.  They are in a tough space and need extra encouragement in this season.

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