S5: E10 Non-Violent Atonement with J. Denny Weaver

Mike’s college professor, J. Denny Weaver joins the show to talk about his work on atonement and the crucifixion. Almost 20 years ago Weaver’s book, The Nonviolent Atonement, was published and contributed significantly to Anabaptist interpretations of atonement.

J. Denny Weaver is Professor Emeritus at Bluffton University where he taught for 31 years. He continues as editor of The C. Henry Smith Series. His most recent books include Education with the Grain of the Universe, God Without ViolenceThe Nonviolent Atonement, 2nd edition, and the co-authored Defenseless Christianity: Anabaptism for a Nonviolent Church. His many articles and chapters in edited books, as well as speaking engagements, address a variety of topics related to nonviolence, violence in traditional theology, atonement theology, the character of God, violence in society, and Anabaptist history and theology.


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