S5: E4 When Theologians Fail Morally

What should be done with the theology of theologians who have failed morally? John Howard Yoder, Dr. King, Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, etc.

Dave and Mike outline the common responses and try to construct a way forward. By mainly focusing on the case of John Howard Yoder they propose a nuanced response that includes critical reading, intertextual evaluation, and dialogue between the church and the academy.

Here are the sources referenced in this podcast:

Ruth Krall, “The Elephants in God’s Living Room: The Mennonite Church and John Howard Yoder”

Rachel Goosseen, “Defanging the Beast”: Mennonite Responses to John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Abuse

Karen Guth, “Doing Justice to the Complex Legacy of John Howard Yoder”

Stanely Hauerwas, “Minding the Web: Making Theological Connections”

Steven Long, “Augustinian and Ecclesial Christian Ethics: On Loving Enemies”


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