S5: E8 Universal Salvation: w/Geoff Hosclaw

This week we welcome back the co-founder of Theology on Mission, Geoff Holsclaw! Geoff recently wrote a response to David Bentley Hart’s book on universal salvation. After bantering for a good five minutes Fitch, Moore, and Holsclaw talk about the challenges and hopes of Christian universalism.

Geoff Holsclaw is a professor of theology at Northern Seminary and a co-pastor with his wife Cyd at Vineyard Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Geoff and Cyd’s forthcoming book “Does God Really Like Me?” is available now for pre-order. They also have a podcast you should check out, “God With Us.

A few of the books that are referenced here:

That All Shall Be Saved by David Bentley Hart
-Dare We Hope That All Men Be Saved by Hans Von Balthasar
-The Evangelical Universalist by Gregory MacDonald


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