S6: E11 A Theology of Race & Place with Andrew Draper

Fitch and Moore sit down with Andrew Draper to discuss his superb work “A Theology of Race and Place: Liberation and Reconciliation in the Works of Jennings and Carter.”

Dr. Andrew Draper is a pastor in Muncie, Indiana and has written extensively on black theology, ethics, and the church. In this episode Andrew shares his expert insight into the work of Jennings and Carter and the implications it has for the church.

Below are a few links that introduce you to the work of Willie Jennings, J. Kameron Carter, and our new friend, Andrew Draper.

Andrew’s book: www.amazon.com/Theology-Race-Pla…ion/dp/149828082X

Andrew’s recent lecture at Fuller: fullerstudio.fuller.edu/the-end-of-mi…rew-t-draper/

An important article to understanding the work of Wille Jennings (Fitch references this) divinity.duke.edu/sites/divinity.d…_.compressed.pdf

Audio with J. Kameron Carter: cct.biola.edu/witness-possibilit…-j-cameron-carter/

Come explore Northern’s Master’s in Theology & Mission alongside Fitch, Nijay Gupta, Beth Jones, Greg Boyd, Drew Hart and more.



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