S6 E12:Top 5 Issues for Church Leaders Post-COVID

Fitch & Moore unpack the 5 top issues for church leaders to navigate as we come out of COVID.

1) People’s broken relationship-spaces for relational connection
2) People’s deconstructing their faith–spaces for deconstruction
3) People’s anger/rage at various coercions/abuse–spaces for lament
4) People’s fatigue from drudgery–spaces for celebration of God’s power and hope for a future
5) People’s grief over losses of friends, family, security–spaces for grieving and comfort

As opposed to ramping up services…focus on developing social spaces!

Come explore Northern’s Master’s in Theology & Mission alongside Fitch, Nijay Gupta, Beth Jones, Greg Boyd, and next years visiting professor Drew Hart and Brady Lecturer Willie Jennings.


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