The State of the Podcast

Here are the main points of this episode…

  • My original intention was to pick SD back up in January, which is now just a few days away. Some of you may remember I did the same thing last year but then wound up not publishing until April. So in the last few weeks I’ve come to a cross roads in deciding what to do about SD. If you benefit from the content of SD, (which I assume you do if you’re listening to this), then don’t worry, I’m not planning on ending the show. However, I do have to make some changes.
  • Seminary Dropout is time intensive.
  • Because Seminary Dropout is time intensive, it takes time away from either working my day job, or spending time with my family and friends.
  • As you may have guessed, I want to use Patreon to fund the next year of SD.
  • Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m setting a goal of raising the dollar per episode amount from $66 to $100 per episode, and when we reach that goal, I’ll resume SD for 2018.
  • So if you want to become a patron just go to and sign up. You can also go to that site if you want to see how close we are to the $100 goal. The amount raised will be show right on the front page.

So there it is. Thanks for taking the time and if you want to become a patron today and fund SD into 2018, then please go to and pledge today.