Church & Post-Christian Culture: All Conference Audio

This download contains all audio from from our Once & Future Mission event focused on the Anabaptist tradition. This includes 10 plenary talks, 3 Question & Response sessions, 2 respondent addresses, and 6 breakout sessions.

Note: This zip file is 800MB and will take a while to download

For more information on each of these groupings, follow these links…

Plenary 1: A Fresh Encounter with Jesus 

Presentations by Greg Boyd, Meghan Good, and Brian Zahnd + Q/R

Plenary 2: A Radical Approach to Community 

Presentations by Bruxy Cavey, Samuel Sarpiya, Dennis Webb, and Kurt Willems + Q/R

Plenary 3: A Subversive Journey in Mission 

Presentations by Anton Flores-Maisonet, Nelson Okanya, and David Fitch + Q/R

Response SessionRe-Imagining The Gifts Of Anabaptism For Our Common Mission

Presentations by Frank James and Cherith Nordling

Breakout Sessions:

The Blessed Community | Woody Dalton

Fighting the Right Fight: An Anabaptist Perspective on Spiritual WarfareGreg Boyd & Dennis Edwards

Has Anabaptism Failed in North America? | Drew Hart

Non-Violence in a War Culture | Josh Crain & Brooke Strayer

Transforming Community: Exploring the Successes and Struggles of an Anabaptist Multi-Site ChurchTim Day & Bruxy Cavey

Vital Signs: Encouraging Vibrant CongregationsJonathan Shively, Stan Dueck, and Josh Brockway

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