Church & Post-Christian Culture: Re-Imagining the Gifts of Anabaptism for Our Common Mission

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Speakers: Frank James, Cherith Nordling

This download features two presentations from Frank James and Cherith Nordling who spoke as non-Anabaptist respondents to the conversations during the Once & Future Mission event focused on the Anabaptist tradition.

president-frank-james Cherith Fee-Nordling

Anabaptism is one expression of many historical reform movements within Western Christianity. As with each of them, through God’s missional work and grace, there are particular gifts that Anabaptism has to offer the wider Body of Christ in our day. At the same time, journeying faithfully into God’s desire for the church in our Post-Christian cultural context will be aided by envisioning a “fusing of horizons” where we adopt a posture of convictional humility – listening to, learning from, and engaging those of other tribes and traditions among whom God’s work and grace are also evident. Through brief presentations and panel discussion, this plenary session aims to advance this journey by bring reflections from previous sessions into greater dialogue with the perspectives of those of other traditions.

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