#TrulyHuman Conversation Forum 3 Bundle

All 9 of the topical Conversation Forums held on Friday afternoon of the gathering.

Each of these forums brought a focus on a critical issue, challenge, or opportunity facing the Church as we seek to faithfully navigate our place in God’s mission together. Each forum was offered twice, but featured different voices and perspectives. Each presenter gave a 5-7 minute presentation, followed by an extended time of conversation among the presenters and those gathered for the discussion.

Power, Privilege, & Class: Barriers & Possibilities Under Christ’s Lordship

Corey Widmer, Dennis Edwards, Cote Soerens, Lisa Sharon Harper

A Kingdom Vision for Intimacy, Desire, & Sexual Practice

Tim Keel, Bruxy Cavey, Christopher West, Eve Tushnet

Grappling with Race & Reconciliation as Resurrected Sons & Daughters

Leroy Barber, Helen Lee, Brenda Salter McNeil, Brian Zahnd

Human Identity & the (Re)Created Order

Alexei Laushkin, Mandy Smith, Amos Yong, Tim Soerens

Made (and Remade!) in the Likeness of God: Living into God’s Intentions for Our Gendered Identity

Dave Fitch, Jo Anne Lyon, Cherith Nordling, Wayne Faison

Discipleship as Transformation: Living & Working as People of the Resurrection

Charlie Self, Don Coleman, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Deborah Loyd

Bodies, Places & Mission: The Already-Not Yet Witness of the Church in Culture

Mia Chang, Efrem Smith, Jonny Grant, Travis Collins

Resurrecting Leadership: Stewarding the Spirit’s Work in Ministry & Mission

Keith Matthews, Mark Brewer, Jacky Gatliff, Tara Beth Leach

Living Theology: Knowing & Following Our Resurrected Lord

Roger Olson, Meghan Good, Karina Kreminski, Ben Witherington

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