Plenary 5: The What, Where, Why & When Of The Kingdom?

Speakers: Bruxy Cavey, Todd Hunter

No other reality was so central to Jesus’ life, ministry, teaching, death, resurrection, or ascension than that of the Kingdom of God. As far as the New Testament is concerned, the availability of the Kingdom of God to all who trust Jesus is the sum and substance of the gospel. Predicated on this good news, the now-and-coming nature of God’s Kingdom is not only the grounding reality for the Church as it inhabits the world, it is the grounding reality for all Christian life and mission.

There are many attempts today to use a particular way of talking about the gospel to “fix” various aspects of life. We hear well-intentioned calls for gospel-centered marriage, gospel-centered work, or gospel-centered church. However, devoid of a robust understanding of and orientation around the reality of the Kingdom of God, these ways of applying the gospel may miss their mark.

Thus, we are compelled to ask and address some important Kingdom-questions:

  • If the Kingdom of God is truly the grounding reality for all of Christian life and mission, then what is it like?
  • How do we enter it? Live in it? Grow in it?
  • How does the Kingdom of God expand and advance?

It is in seeking answers to questions such as these together, through the Scriptures, and with an openness to the Holy Spirit that our imaginations might be renewed for the sake of more fully and faithfully participating in the beautiful, in-breaking of God’s Kingdom.

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