The Big Guy Upstairs: You, Him and How it All Works

Speakers: Rob Strong

“I’ve never been to church.”
“My son looked at me the other day and asked, ‘Mom, what religion are we?’ I had no idea what to tell him.”
“I have no intention on going to church ever again.”
“I believe in a god. Just don’t bother me with the other stuff.”
“I don’t know what to tell my kids about God. I do, however, want to give them the space to figure him out.”

The conversation has changed.

These are actual quotes shared on the sidelines of a recent youth soccer tournament. While we as church leaders wax and wane over fine details inside the church, the world around us has shrugged and said, “Who cares?” Like a groundswell across our country, beginning in New England, we are seeing the earliest signs that we have our first emerging generation that does not have any interest in the church, they feel no guilt about it, and they have no intentions on being a part of it. Now what do we do with that? New songs, new buildings, new sermon series just don’t cut through the noise anymore. This breakout will wrestle with these realities and our ability to reengage with our very own culture. It begins with a fresh way to talk about God.

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