Workshop #1 Bundle


All workshops from session #1 from Missio Alliance Inaugural Gathering.

1) Cities of God: The Ways of Jesus in Urban Contexts

Presenters: Noel Castellanos, Fred Harrell

2) Living Missionally in a Borderless World: The Need for Informed Multicultural Mission

Presenters: Leroy Barber, Gary Nelson

3) Discipleship and the Kingdom

Presenters: Todd Hunter, Keith Matthews

4) Polycentric Missional Leadership

Presenters: JR Woodward

5) Dirty Theology: Lessons on Justice, Grace, and God in the Dirt

Presenters: Christine Sine, A.J. Swoboda

6) The Ways We Talk About Kingdom/Gospel/Salvation that Change the Dynamic of the Church

Presenters: David Fitch, Scot McKnight

7) Everyday Theology

Presenters: Scott Daniels, Roger Olson

8) The Gospel and Peacemaking

Presenters: Keas Keasler, Tim Keel

9) The Next Christendom: Young Leaders and the Changing Demographics of Christianity

Presenters: Lisa Watson, Allen Yeh

10) The Mission of God and the Future of Theological Education

Presenters: John Franke, JR Rozko

11) The Church’s Call to Justice

Presenters: Justin Fung, Amy Graham

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