Workshop #2 Bundle


All workshops from session #2 from Missio Alliance Inaugural Gathering.

1) Fresh Expressions of Church: Incarnational Mission for Every Church

Presenters: Habacuc Diaz-Lopez, Ben Jamison, Gannon Sims

2) What You Always Wanted To Know About Immigration But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Presenters: Noel Castellanos, Lisa Watson

3) The Good News of God’s People in the World: Toward a Kingdom Ecclesiology

Presenters: Bruxy Cavey, Scot McKnight

4) God’s Mission at God’s Speed

Presenters: Christine Sine, Tim Soerens

5) Planting Missional, Kingdom-Oriented, Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Socioeconomic Churches

Presenters: Don Coleman, Kevin Haah

6) The Role of the Holy Spirit in Leadership: Discerning and Declaring God’s Voice

Presenters: Jo Saxton, A.J. Swoboda

7) The Interior Life of the Ministry Leader

Presenters: Winn Collier, Keith Matthews

8) Preaching the Missional Scriptures

Presenters: Al Tizon, Howard-John Wesley

9) From the Lands of Oz and Ice: Perspectives on the Life of the Church After Christendom

Presenters: Alan Hirsch, Gary Nelson

10) Gender & Leadership in God’s New Creation: Personal Stories and Theological Perspectives

Presenters: Cherith Fee Nordling, Fred Harrell

11) On Being Present & Faithful: With the LGBTQ People Among Us

Presenters: David Fitch, Deb Hirsch

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