Workshop #4 Bundle


All workshops from session #4 from Missio Alliance Inaugural Gathering.

1) Eldership in the Missional Church

Presenters: J.R. Briggs, Sarah Case, Bob Hyatt

2) Karl Barth As a Way Beyond the Anabaptist/Neo-Reformed Divide

Presenters: Todd Hiestand, Scott Jones, Matthew Warren

3) The Practice of the Bible that Shapes a People for God’s Mission

Presenters: Geoff Holsclaw, Pavi Thomas

4) The Church in God’s Global Mission

Presenters: Jim Baucom, Neville Callam

5) Embracing the Generosity of a Christian Pluralism

Presenters: Gary Black, Amos Yong

6) The Missional Potential of the Five-fold

Presenters: Alan Hirsch, JR Woodward

7) Overcoming the 3 Obstacles to Cultural Diversity Facing the Church in North America

Presenters: David Bailey

8) Planting Urban Churches: Embodying a Theological Vision for Mission in Cities

Presenters: Felipe Assis, Aaron Graham, Kevin Haah

9) People and Places: Contextualizing the Missional Message

Presenters: Justin Fung, Helen Lee, Karen Wilk

10) Multi-Racial/Gender Leadership in the Local Church

Presenters: Keas Keasler, Nikki Toyama-Szeto

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