#TrulyHuman Workshop Bundle 1

Contains all 14 workshops from the first session:

— A Human Take on Worship & the Arts (David Bailey & Mandy Smith)
— Being Human in Community: Why & How We Practice discernment Together (Bruxy Cavey & Keas Keasler)
— Economic Shalom: New Strategies for Church Engagement (Lisa Sharon Harper & Charlie Self)
— Embodied Leadership: The Secret of Effectiveness & Creativity in Ministry (Deborah Loyd & MaryKate Morse)
— For Such a Time as This: Women, Religion, Violence, & Power (Brenda Salter McNeil & Natasha Sistrunk Robinson)
— From Franchised Faith to Local Imagination: Re-Imagining the Church for the 21st Century (Michael Binder, Sara Jane Roxburgh Walker & Tim Soerens)
— Human Dignity & the Gospel: Forming Faith Communities Through People Before Projects (Travis Collins & Habacuc Diaz-Lopez)
— Leadership & the New HumanityL The Missional potential of the 5-Fold (Tim Keel & JR Woodward)
— Leading Change, Reconciliation, & Transformation (Jo Anne Lyon & Efrem Smith)
— Preaching (to) the Human Story (Howard-John Wesley & Brian Zahnd)
— Recovering the Blessed Alliance (Carolyn Custis James & Frank A. James)
— Resurrectional Ecclesiology (Don Coleman & Corey Widmer)
— The Prevenient Grace of God & the Hope of the Resurrection (Roger Olson & Ben Witherington)
— Toward a More Human(e) Discourse of Sexuality (Kristyn Komarnicki & Christopher West)

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