#TrulyHuman Workshop Bundle 2

Contains all 14 of the workshops from the second session:

— Back and Forth from Earth to Heaven: Two Moms’ Daily Adventures in the Resurrected Life (Cyd Holsclaw & Helen Lee)
— Divine Sex: Searching for Truth that Transforms (Jonny Grant & Cherith Nordling)
— Finding Common Ground Around the Resurrection: Reformed & Arminian Hopes for Transformation (Frank A. James & Roger Olson)
— hearing God: Christianity’s Audacious Affirmation (Keith Matthews & Mark Moore)
— Maleness & Fatherhood: Real Men Live into Christ’s Resurrection (Mark Brewer & Don Coleman)
— Prayer as Formation of True Humanity (Mia Chang & Brian Zahnd)
— Radical Reconciliation: A Resurrectional Vision for Engaging Racial Division (Leroy Barber & David Fitch)
— Redeeming Sex (Bruxy Cavey & Deb Hirsch)
— Redefining Success & Finding Opportunity in Failure (J.R. Briggs & Mandy Smith)
— Resurrectional Life in the Neighborhood (Dennis Edwards & Dan White Jr.)
— Synergy Women’s Network: Past, Present, & Moving Forward with Missio Alliance (Carolyn Custis James & Haley Grey Scott)
— Theology of the Body & the Mission of MarriageChristopher West with Gannon & Carey Simms)
— What if the Incarcerated are Truly Human? (Lisa Sharon Harper & Efrem Smith)
— Your Story + Opportunity = Vocation Resurrected (Deborah Loyd & Natasha Robinson)

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