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Why Stay Spiritual Formation Retreat - Fall 2024

Holding space and giving Christian leaders permission to ask brave and hard questions of God and of themselves is an important part of the work we do. The Why Stay Retreat will give you a safe space to examine the joys and difficulties you’ve encountered throughout your ministry journey and discover new energy for your next season, your next call, or your next move. The retreat schedule is thoughtfully designed to incorporate moments of rest and enjoyment. Additionally, it includes invitations for deep engagement with topics like disruption, awareness, awakening, integration, and incarnation.

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Free Webinars

September 5th 1pm ET: Conversation with Rich Villodas

Table Talks - New this Fall 2024

Table Talks are regional gatherings to facilitate meaningful connections and courageous conversations among local leaders.

At Missio Alliance, our desire is not only to provide theolgically-robust and culturally-relevant content and resources for the church, but also to come alongside local communities as they contextualize and implement these resources, and cultivate an imagination for holistic witness in their local settings.

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