Contextual Theology and Why Seminaries Should Do It by David Fitch

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Folks, here I am talking about contextual theology and why seminaries should be doing it. If you’re somebody interested in becoming a better contextual pastor theologian, capable of leading churches and leaders into Mission, then come join us in our D Min program (Contact me soon as we’ve got just a few months before applications close). Also the upcoming Missio Alliance theological forum , April 11-13, is going to be a veritable feast for learning/doing contextual theology.

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4 responses to “Contextual Theology and Why Seminaries Should Do It by David Fitch

  1. In my experience, some of the best contextual theologians are people who would lack the means to get to conferences like Missio Alliance or attend the D. Min. program. How do we make it more accessible? How do we champion those people?

    1. Alice, these are the perpetual realities we are always dealing with. We work at making it cheaper and cheaper… most the people coming to Missio Alliance, some pastors/theologians who could demand large honorariums are coming for nothing (except expenses to get there) … seminaries are struggling … and yet to have a community of theologians thinking, reading, praying, wrirting, engaging a context together has its costs, it requires people eat and sleep … so somehow I despair … we have to work within current structures’ resourses to resourse the new inbeaking expressions … It’s a never ending battle.

  2. Today, I met with some doctoral students here at a theological university in Belgium. We talked briefly on the re-contexualisation of theology. For example, what are theological approaches to rethink in the 21st century, postmodern world. For me, that seems very important.

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