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Why Christians Are Incapable of Racial Healing

“Do they know you can talk about other things?” was the question my friend and partner in podcasting, John Alan Turner, asked. It stung me. I’d mentioned to John that I was headed for another speaking trip where I’d be talking about racial justice and reconciliation. For most of my ministry I tried to avoid speaking publicly about race because I feared what John had sensed, that once I started, I’d be locked in, pigeonholed. As soon as John said it, my heart sank. “I wish I didn’t have to.” The Wishing Well I didn’t wish it away because of my personal fears of being typecast, but because I wish it weren’t necessary. I wish it weren’t necessary for…

Four Ways Church Attendance Hinders Mission

“Going to church” is one of the spiritual disciplines which forms us into Christlike people. As we meet with others, pray, engage in hospitality, encourage one another, and read God’s word together we are shaped into the people of God.…

Is the Cross Even Necessary?

If Jesus did not die to satisfy the wrath of God for sinners, then is this cross even necessary? Recently I asked Is Penal Substitutionary Atonement Necessary? I asked this question is response to the recently SBC resolution which in…

A Better Life Way Than Banning

It almost happened. Eugene Peterson’s name was almost added to the ever-expanding list of names whose titles have been refused placement on the bookshelves of the Southern Baptist-affliated bookstore LifeWay. Rob Bell Mark Driscoll Jen Hatmaker Joyce Meyer Joel Osteen…
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