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The Tasty and Unexpected Place Where God Forms Community

The season for feasting has arrived! Roasted chestnuts, decorated gingerbread cookies, and homemade eggnog are cherished foods this time of year. ’Tis the season to pull family recipes from the dusty confines of the cabinet and imbibe in the foods that fill us with memories of people and events from our past. It may be surprising to discover that delighting in food, feasting, and memories is a biblical principle. The interconnectedness between food, community, and memory is so significant that it was included in the Israelite law code. The book of Deuteronomy describes three communal feasts embedded in the foundation of Israelite life. Feasting drew people together as a community and encouraged the recollection of a shared memory of God’s…

Is Your Pastor Shaped More by a Tablet or a Table?

Your local church pastor is not as edgy and provocative as your favorite blogger, writer, or podcaster—and that’s a good thing. I’m the first guy to advocate Christian preachers and teachers have thoughtful, bold, and worthwhile words to say. I…
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