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How the Cross Overcomes Love of Power with the Power of Love: An Interview with Derek Vreeland

As we enter into the Lenten season with an eye to Good Friday, some of us may be wondering: How do I help my congregation understand the cross in the context of God’s larger story? Derek Vreeland has a new book recently released, N.T. Wright and the Revolutionary Cross, a reader’s guide to N.T. Wright’s book The Day the Revolution Began. We sat down with Derek recently to talk about his book and explore how the cross leads us into hopeful mission.
Missio Alliance: Derek, give us a look behind the scenes. What made you want to write this book? Derek: In 2015, I wrote a short reader’s guide to Tom Wright’s big book on Paul, Through the

Saving Our Sexuality: Is #MeToo Enough?

The sexual morass we currently find ourselves in as a society—in particular, as that morass manifests itself in its more heinous forms—will not be overcome with the tools presently available. We will need something more to climb out of this…
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