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The Flip Side of Longing

Bored Panda isn’t usually a place to look for spiritual insight. But this week a list of “Absurd Reasons Kids Cry” quickly became a way to name my own longing. To an adult it might be absurd that a little girl would curl up in a ball on the sidewalk because the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t really golden. Or that a three year-old would be devastated because he can’t be on the bus he saw on TV. But what happened to us that we stopped letting ourselves hope for things? When did we begin to base our expectations on what was reasonable? What do you do with your longing? I’m guessing each of us came to moment when we were

Have We Made Bible Study Too Simple?

I couldn’t believe my ears. I sat at the table with someone who was trying to explain their understanding of a few New Testament passages. They asked me how I understood them, and as I shared how I looked at…
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