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Embracing Your Vocation for the Second Half of Life

“No one can keep you from the second half of your own life except yourself. Nothing can inhibit your second journey except your own lack of courage, patience, and imagination. Your second journey is all yours to walk or to avoid.”                      (Richard Rohr, Falling Upward)
Recently I had multiple meaningful experiences with friends old and new who happen to be retired. Each of them seem to be thriving in their current life stage. One retired from owning a preschool, another as a business owner and educator, a third as a Catholic Priest. In our conversations they share about life happenings, their hobbies, and they particularly center on the experiences that bring them meaning. Two of the three I have…

A Joyful Orientation

Joy is as essential to the Christian life as oxygen is to the body. Many of us might think of joy in the Christian life as a nicety — perhaps borderline superfluous. We live morally-oriented lives engaging with spiritual disciplines…
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