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Redemptive Disruptions: How They Shape Our Stories and Reshape Our Theology

The moment the word “why” crosses your lips, you are doing theology.
When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference It is sheer fiction to imagine that following Jesus means we can skate through life without stumbling over large and small disruptions. As Puritan pastor Samuel Rutherford reminded a suffering fellow pastor, and would doubtless say to those of us alive today, “It is folly to think to steal to heaven with a whole skin.”1 In the opening decades of this new millennium, we have all endured direct personal experience with powerful disruptive forces. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the whole planet, costing precious lives and sparking widespread divisions about immunization itself. Global climate patterns are…

At the Watchtower: An Advent Meditation

Editorial Note: This piece by Andrew Arndt is the first of several pieces on significant moments within the liturgical season that Missio Alliance will publish in the coming year. As a team, we are praying that your Advent season is…
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