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Addressing the Elephant in the Church: Seven Necessary Components of Integrated Discipleship

With the shifting we all feel under our feet in the church in North America, we need to pursue honest self-reflection and candid communication. We have nothing to gain by tightly closing our eyes, plugging our ears, and pretending that Western culture isn’t changing or that everything is okay with the church. In the enduring words of Bob Dylan, let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late. More than 20 years ago, Dallas Willard wrote in his landmark work The Divine Conspiracy:
Nondiscipleship is the elephant in the church. It is not the much-discussed moral failures, financial abuses, or the amazing general similarity between Christians and non-Christians. These are only effects of the underlying problem. –

Have We Made Bible Study Too Simple?

I couldn’t believe my ears. I sat at the table with someone who was trying to explain their understanding of a few New Testament passages. They asked me how I understood them, and as I shared how I looked at…
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