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From Walking Wounded to Caring Community: Learning to Heal like a Body

Early on in medical training, physicians learn to do triage. It is vital to understand which patients in a busy emergency department require immediate attention, and which ones can wait. Sometimes it is a bit of an art to separate them out. The critically urgent case is obvious. But then there are the worried well and the walking wounded. Both of these will make it through the night without assistance, though both will most likely return if not given attention. “Walking wounded” was coined to describe soldiers able to get out of a battlefield on their own strength. Initial resources didn’t need to be directed to them. The term was later used to describe those in a mass disaster who…

Worship that Forms and Transforms

Scripture emphasizes that spiritual formation is the foundational task of the church. Jesus charged his followers to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to live in obedience to his commands (Mt 28:19-20). The Great Commission is fundamentally a call…
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