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Racism and The Dying American Church

Lately, I’ve been wondering if the white church in North America is dying precisely because of its racism. I had a conversation with a friend over dinner who grew up in a Christian home. She claims she still has “faith,” but wants no part of the church and Christian culture. Her reason? Her parents are going to church more, and their habits still include listening to Christian music on Christian radio—but they’re still as racist as ever. As far as she is concerned, if you’re really following Christ, than racism should be one of the most obvious and important sins to cease. My friend is a white, female professional in her 30s, one of the demographics that is least likely

Top 20 Articles of 2018 from Missio Alliance

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the thoughtful work coming out of our Writing Collectives in 2018. This year’s articles reflect a deep engagement with issues essential to the mission of the church, such as the dangers of nationalism, how…

A Brief Theology of Walls

My twin brother and I would constantly punch each other—especially through the teenage years.  Sometimes playfully. Oftentimes not. We would punch each other for any and every reason, great or small. Usually the punching would come after some verbal sparring…
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