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What’s In a Name? From “Evangelicals” to “Christians” for the CSA

Editor’s Note: This week, the faith-based think tank formerly named Evangelicals for Social Action announced that it would “trade in the evangelical label and become Christians for Social Action instead.” CSA founder and president emeritus Ron Sider said of the change, “[ESA] was the right name—for a time. But the social environment is so different.” Fuller Seminary president Mark Labberton agreed, saying, “This…makes a world of sense…Nikki Toyama-Szeto, the executive director, has led her team with wisdom, humility, and honor through a thicket of words and associations to the better light of a new name.” We asked Toyama-Szeto, one of Missio Alliance’s Leading Voices, to share more about the backstory behind the change and how her identity as an

The Need for Deeply Formed Pastors

In 1944, a young, German pastor writing from prison and nearing the end of his life asked a simple question that countless people have returned to time and time again. In his correspondence with his friends, he had been wrestling…

The Cost of Unity

Once again, video-recorded violence against Black bodies has thrust widespread racial injustice into the public eye. As a critical mass of people of various ethnicities continue to flood the streets in protest of racial injustice, many in the American evangelical…
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