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The Surprising Solution When Gender Dynamics Seem to Be Destroying the Church

We’ve seen some troubling headlines about gender dynamics in the church. We’ve watched leaders and churches fall—relationships and communities and individuals crushed in the wake. In times like these, we feel a kind of desperation. And desperate times call for desperate measures.  We want to get to the bottom of it all, figure out how this happened so we can prevent it. We want statistics. We get into debates. We write white papers and shape policies. And then it happens again. Another headline. Different place, different details, but the same story of brokenness between Christian brothers and sisters. Storytelling: Putting Imagination Before Implementation It’s going to sound strange but I think the answer is stories. Stories seem weak, subjective, unimportant.…

What’s Your Definition of Marriage?

We have seen the dawn of God’s new world and we have been wooed out of darkness into God’s marvelous light. We have received King Jesus and have come alive in the light of his love. As you received Christ…
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