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Mothers are Drowning in Stress—Here are 6 Ways Your Church Can Help

Tara Beth Leach is a member of our writing team, senior pastor of PazNaz, and a plenary speaker at our upcoming national gathering, Awakenings: The Life of the Church for the Sake of the World. Register now to learn more from diverse voices like hers. Free livestream options now available!
As I type, I am huddled underneath an umbrella to stay out of the sun at a southern California kids’ space museum.  My husband is on travel on the east coast, my kids are on spring break, I have limited childcare, and I’ve been doing this pastoring thing with kids in tow. Weeks like this take a lot of creativity. The last two days, I’ve navigated staff and worship…

Identity Politics and the False Self

Mandy Smith is a member of the Missio Alliance writing team, lead pastor of University Christian Church, and co-emcee with Sean Palmer of our Awakenings national gathering. Register now to learn from diverse leaders like her. Livestream options now available…
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