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The Poway Synagogue Shooting – We Should All be Surprised by the Surprise

Another shooting in a house of worship. This time by a white, churchgoing young man named John Earnest at the Poway synagogue in San Diego. Earnest tragically killed one person and wounded the rabbi and a few other worshippers. When I heard of this tragedy, I was surprised by the surprise people expressed. Many wonder, how is it that a churchgoing son of an elder at a Presbyterian church could be radicalized in such a hateful way? How is it that he could hear solid theological truth, yet come to espouse a white supremacist, anti-Semitic ideology? How is it that this deep-seated worldview could be at work when he is surrounded by a community of Christians? I’m surprised by the…

Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Non-Mom

“Happy Mother’s Day!” It’s a cheerful saying for some. But for others of us, it can elicit an array of emotions. Especially when you’re a woman and you don’t have kids. A “non-mom.” Like me. In the stage of life…

Miracles in the Headlines

A miracle took place in my heart today, A miracle 30 years in the making, in the longing, in the praying. A quiet, private miracle. But no less real for being private. No less powerful for being private. Something I’ve…
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