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5 Myths of Men and Women Leading Together

I have been leading with men as long as I can remember. My younger brother and I were born ready to take charge of our nuclear family—which wasn’t going to happen due to our two leadership-oriented parents. They set the two of us on a path to grow in our leadership by putting us together and telling us to work as a team. Ever since then, I’ve had countless opportunities to lead with men in life, work, and ministry. It hasn’t always been easy, it is never efficient, but it’s proven to be the most effective leadership strategy I’ve experienced. I currently engage in co-leading with my husband and our various joint ventures as a couple and then as the…

How the Church Can Help in the Hood

Poverty is a condition, not an identity. It’s something people live in, not who they are. This article is intended to create space for our faith to engage hard truths about impoverished neighborhoods and provide pathways on how to do…

Liberated by Perfect Love

A few months ago, I was watching an episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” featuring Jerry Seinfeld chatting with Dana Carvey (aka, Saturday Night Live’s “Church Lady.”) They were talking comedy, with Carvey moving from one impression of a…

Seeing Jesus with Clarity

Though it is quite clear that the gospel authors did not compose their works with a strict chronology in mind, this does not mean that they were arranged haphazardly. The gospels were assembled with careful forethought, often in order to…

Relevancy Isn’t Our Only Option

In a world where the good of church is decreasingly obvious or assumed, missional practitioners must learn how to give faithful witness to the Gospel in a way that is present but also particular within diverse contexts.  Without both presence…
More from the Writing Collectives