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Four Principles to Foster Anti-Racism in Children at Every Stage   

Babies are born colorblind. At birth, they cannot distinguish black from white, yellow from red. Color vision begins to develop in the ensuing weeks. By six months of age, they can see every pigment of the rainbow, easily differentiating different skin tones. A sense of wonder and joy develops as they begin to appreciate the diversity of God’s creation around them. But interestingly—or perhaps, insidiously—babies take longer looks at unfamiliar faces from different racial backgrounds than at ones from those of their own.1 By the age of three, children begin to develop racial biases, not necessarily mirroring those of their parents.1-4 Is this surprising? Popular belief tells us that young children are racially colorblind, and that it’s too…

The Doctrine of Discovery and the Church’s Complicity

Editor’s Note: We recently published an ebook titled Calling for a Kingdom Evangelicalism in which author, speaker, and presidential candidate Mark Charles contributed a chapter. In recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we are presenting an adapted excerpt from his contribution;…

The Colonization of Christian Leadership

In the seventeenth century, the uncertainty and violence of the sixteenth century sparked a search for certainty and rational absolutes. Philosophers such as René Descartes, Francis Bacon, and Immanuel Kant, having lived through the chaos of the religious wars, sought…

In Search of White Partners: What BIPOC Need

I am one of 17 Black senior pastors in a mostly white denomination. I’m still here. But I’m not sure for how much longer. In their scholarly article “Estranged Pioneers: The Case of African American and Asian American Multiracial Church…

The Cost of Unity

Once again, video-recorded violence against Black bodies has thrust widespread racial injustice into the public eye. As a critical mass of people of various ethnicities continue to flood the streets in protest of racial injustice, many in the American evangelical…
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