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How to Move Your Preaching from “Completion of a Task” to “An Act of Love”

Jeren Rowell is President of and Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. He served as a local church pastor for 25 years, a district superintendent for 12 years, and has a passion for and deep commitment to the life and work of parish ministry.
My current assignment in vocational ministry is to lead a seminary as their president (Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City). I am deeply committed to the work of the seminary which I understand as much greater than delivery of content, but as the holistic formation of those who offer themselves in response to a sense of God’s call. Although I appreciate deeply the work of the academy, I come…

The Parable of the White Pastor

The following is adapted from a forum discussion at Missio Alliance’s Awakenings Gathering 2019. You can access all conference audio here. A few weeks ago, I was asked to contribute to a panel on “the multicultural future of the Church”…

Why Biblical Inerrancy Doesn’t Work

A couple of years ago, I entered into an interview process to become an adjunct professor at an extension campus of a growing Christian university. Towards the end of this process, the powers that be shut down the campus, ending…
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