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Ten Hopes and Prayers for the Next Ten Years

I’m not much given to prognostication these days. When I look back over the last ten years of my own life, very little has gone “according to plan”—which is, I suppose, as it should be. After all, Jesus did say that the as the wind blew wherever it pleased, so also would the lives of those who were born of the Spirit (John 3). We never quite know where the Spirit, or our lives, or the church, born of and carried along by the Spirit, is going to end up—other than in the arms of Jesus. And that is so much of the fun of it. But I do have hopes and prayers for the next ten years for the…

The Hypo-Politicization of the American Church

As we turn into the new year, Christians in the United States are facing a crisis that jeopardizes our capacity to be faithful witnesses. Public life churns deeper into antagonistic battles, and Christians are struggling to cast a vision for…

Shared Leadership in Sacred Spaces

Women were always prominent leaders in my life. When I worshiped at church, I watched women serve as elders, pastors, preachers, and leaders. When I went home, I saw my parents share leadership of our family. When I went to…

True Politics Through Subversive Worship

I have had the privilege of leading worship for multiple churches and Christian conferences and retreats, large and small. Worship leaders usually receive “the talk” before they sing a note or speak a word of prayer from the church or…
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