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Surviving the Heat of the Crucible of Leadership

The first thing you notice when you walk through the large industrial door is that this is a place for serious work. Everything can hurt you. In a blacksmithing shop, even an urban shop like this one that is for teaching city dwellers an ancient art, every tool is heavy or sharp. Every piece of equipment is loud and potentially dangerous. And at every workstation, there is not a computer or a desk, but a forge putting out 2,000 degrees of fire and heat. The second thing you notice is that there is a place for you. This is a place for your serious work. Your tools. Your forge. And yes, your anvil.
“The only safe place for something this…

You Are My Witnesses: A Spiritual Journey Through Easter

Editor’s Note: Missio Alliance is partnering with eleven:28 Ministries to provide Lenten meditations entitled “You Are My Witnesses: A Spiritual Journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter,” by Amy Bost Henegar. These reflections began on Ash Wednesday and culminate today, Easter…

Made for a Place Called Good

It’s easy to take things for granted, easy to assume people have always seen and engaged the world the same way we do. It’s easy to assume people have always made similar assumptions about the nature of things and asked…


Easter Sunday is here.  Jesus is Risen.  He calls our name. This is our final podcast of the Lenten season.  Thanks for listening!  Our next series will be in August / September.  You can subscribe to future seasons of our…
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