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Anchoring Prayer for a Time Such as This

I first met Christ as a child through prayer, and my early relationship with Jesus was formed almost entirely through discovering Christ in the midst of suffering as I fumbled my way through prayer and Scripture reading. Both were a relief from various traumas and pain. I tangibly experienced the nearness of God to the brokenhearted, and that has continued to sustain me through the joys and sorrows, miracles and violence, celebration and lament of life in this messy world. Suffering and challenges just seem to be a part of life; and yet, a year and a half into the pandemic I’ve been surprised to discover how that this particular season of suffering has changed my prayer life. In 2020,…

Is Our Gospel of Love Truly About Love?

My husband and I recently traveled to Iceland for a long-awaited vacation. On our last day in Reykjavik, we connected with a good friend of mine and his girlfriend, whom I was meeting for the first time. As we were…
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