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Dismantling Patriarchy to Recover the Blessed Alliance (Part 2)

*Editorial Note: Part 1 of Carolyn’s piece, “Dismantling Patriarchy to Recover the Blessed Alliance,” published on Tuesday, May 21st. It can be read here. ~CK
The Great Collapse Tragically, God’s mission for humanity falls apart before it even starts. The Enemy invades and the Blessed Alliance is his first target. With a single conversation, Satan cuts God’s Image Bearers off from their Creator and divides them from each other in accusatory shame (See Genesis 3:1-7). The rest is history. In Genesis 3, God is not unveiling a new and improved social order, but rather making a prophetic announcement of a total collapse. East of Eden, patriarchy is born! Human power is corrupted, becoming over other humans versus alongside, caring…
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