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Prophets vs. Pimps: The Tension of Spirit-Led Leadership

What does it mean to lead in the power of the Spirit? And why is it so difficult? These questions are not just for those in formal church leadership, but in all situations where one has influence. The good news is that passages such as Numbers 11 give us insight into how we might answer the aforementioned questions. The bad news is that one cannot lead in the power of the Spirit without also engaging in struggles. As a prime example, we turn to the story of Moses. In his thought-provoking commentary on Moses, James Montgomery Boice offered this reflection:
Apart from Jesus Christ, no person in history has made as deep or lasting an impression on the world

Preventing the #MeToo Pain of Children

I’m bearing witness to the #MeToo pain of a seven- or eight-year-old Latino boy whom I saw for a few seconds in a hotel parking lot. Unable to intervene or report, I’m telling his story and asking for action in…

Managing the Dangers of Chronic Anxiety

(Editor’s note: this is the second in a two-part series on anxiety; you can read the first post, “How Anxiety so Easily Entangles Us”, here.) As I train leaders in understanding the area of anxiety, I am often asked, “Is…

Have We Made Bible Study Too Simple?

I couldn’t believe my ears. I sat at the table with someone who was trying to explain their understanding of a few New Testament passages. They asked me how I understood them, and as I shared how I looked at…

Becoming a Just Church

Would someone who only lived in your sanctuary know that there is a real world outside of it wracked with injustice? Over a series of weeks, a zealous, justice-minded member of my church introduced me to several families she had…
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