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Vulnerability, Resilience, and Partnership: Formation for Confronting Injustice

Editor’s Note: What follows is the first of two articles that Tod Bolsinger, author of Tempered Resilience, which is part of the Missio Alliance/IVP partnership line, has written in conjunction with our forthcoming Resilience, Race, and Resistance event on January 28th. Tod will be one of the keynote speakers at this event, and you can look forward to a second article from him afterwards.
As soon as I hit the “send” key, I felt nervousness set in. I worried that my request would reveal such a glaring weakness that it would make others doubt my capacity to lead. I had just written to an old mentor, Steve Yamaguchi, to ask him to take a role in my life that…

An Epiphany to Lament

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, the world watched as our nation’s capital became the backdrop of a scene of insurrection, anarchy, and violence. As Trump supporters bent on disrupting the democratic process that would validate Joe Biden’s presidential victory stormed the US…

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Part 3

Editor’s Note: We wanted to start off 2021 with a pastoral word from voices all around the country who could help put the past year in perspective as well as to offer some encouragement and exhortations for the new year…

Sabbath Politics for a Weary World

It is a sad but unfortunate truth that much of the contemporary church has no intimation of what to do with the Bible’s teachings regarding the Sabbath. Couched in the dime-store narrative of Jewish legalism, the standard approach to the…

The Worlds our Words Create

“Someone might believe you.” I was taught in seminary that “words create worlds.” I’m a preacher, speaker, and speaking coach, so I try my dead-level best to be careful with words. And the reason I try to be careful is…
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