COVID-19 has radically altered our lives and ministries. Church and ministry leaders are posed with new questions, increased challenges, and an uncertain future. In light of all this, Missio Alliance is temporarily recalibrating its ministry efforts to focus on three specific and vital needs.

In this time, we want to serve church and ministry leaders by providing opportunities for soul care, ministry tools & resources you can use right now, and strategic learning opportunities.

As we continue to be led by a vision of A Church Reimagined for a World Recreated, we anticipate, in faith, a tremendous expression of God's resurrection power in this Easter season!


The extent of the leadership and care we can offer others is tied directly to our discipline of tending to the state and nurture of our own souls. We encourage you to make use of these resources and spaces to find the rest and peace you will need in the weeks and months ahead.

Soul Care – Peace for Caregivers in Troubled Times

For leaders and caregivers of any profession—pastors, chaplains, therapists, doctors, nurses, parents and more—the challenges of adapting and shifting to the Coronavirus pandemic, and caring for people who are confused and fearful, can be exhausting. If you’re suffering from compassion fatigue and service fatigue, if you’ve been getting through the last few weeks on sheer adrenaline—and it’s starting to wear off—join Bishop Todd Hunter for a time of rest.

These live, weekly 30-minute experiences on Zoom, “Soul Care—Peace for Caregivers in Troubled Times,” will give you a chance to care for your soul. You don’t have to do anything except pause, rest, and receive.


Many of us are busier now than we have been in a long time. More than that, we are having to figure out new modes and expressions of ministry. As you tend to a myriad of needs and opportunities, we hope you will make use of these read-to-use tools and resources as aids in your role as a ministry leader.

Distributed Church: Articles, Tools, Webinars

Resources from Fresh Expressions for navigating our new reality

Our New Reality: Holy Week at Home by Bob Hyatt

Bob Hyatt offers a hopeful perspective for this time, as well as point you towards resources that Missio Alliance has gathered that we hope will be able to serve you during this unusual Easter season.


We are all having to learn at a rapid pace. Not only are we trying to faithfully navigate our present realities and opportunities, but we are also trying to anticipate a future that, in some respects, is quite unknown. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to learn from and engage with other leaders who are asking similar questions and sharing their best ideas and practices.

Distributed Church: Articles, Tools, Webinars

Resources from Fresh Expressions for navigating our new reality

Discipling People Into Shalom Community w/ Adam Gustine

Watch the Missio Alliance webinar with Adam Gustine – Find a theological vision for our identity as a just people. Discover how God’s character and the pursuit of shalom can infuse every aspect of your congregational DNA

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