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Four Surprising Habits for Christian Formation

When we moved into our current house over eight years ago, I found it funny that I had to explain to my kids what the phone jack on the wall was for. They had never seen a landline before. They looked at me with astonished eyes as I explained that when I was a child, we only had one phone in the entire house and we hung it on the wall in the dinning room. A long spiral cord allowed me to stretch that phone around the corner into the living room if I wanted to have a private conversation. Now we carry around our phones in our pockets. I appreciate the ease of communication and speed with which I…

The Church’s Complicity in Mass Incarceration

Christianity has played a paramount role in mass incarceration. Mass incarceration’s origins, sustainment, and astronomic growth are inherently linked to Christian theology. Our embrace of penal substitution has engendered a retributive culture within our criminal justice system. The church has…

The Introverted Missional

I’m one of those introverts who has learned to put on the vestment of extroversion in ministry situations, mainly because it’s difficult to lead in a community from your chair in the corner. So at church, I will greet the…

Seeing Jesus with Clarity

Though it is quite clear that the gospel authors did not compose their works with a strict chronology in mind, this does not mean that they were arranged haphazardly. The gospels were assembled with careful forethought, often in order to…
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