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A Clear Vision for the Future: The Corrective Lens of Black Theology (Pt. 2)

*Editorial Note: Part 1 of Gino’s article, entitled “A Clear Vision for the Future: Re-Examining The Anabaptist Vision for Today” posted on January 31st. We encourage you to return to this piece if you haven’t read it and then continue to Part 2 below. Part 1 Review: The Partial Sight of The Anabaptist Vision Extending the metaphor of sight even further, The Anabaptist Vision represents what is seen through the lens of the dominant culture.1 This single culture’s vision will necessarily have some blind spots. Simply put, the vision is only partial. It is fair to say, riffing on Proverbs 29:19, that where there is only partial vision, some of the people perish. As is…
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