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Finding a Home in the Brown Church: A One-Year Retrospective

David reached out to me one year ago after reading Brown Church. He was a young professor in the Southwest who had come to faith in a white Christian space, but he was facing an identity crisis. He appreciated the church which had introduced him to Jesus and had sincerely cared for him and his family for many years. David had come to a difficult realization, however: he had forgotten he was Latino. This was because, in order to participate in the life of his local church, he had had to check his God-given Latino cultural heritage at the door. In the face of this newfound awareness, David was asking, in the words of the nostalgic punk rock song:…

Pastors, You Can Leave—So, Feel Free to Stay

I am torn as I write this. In the last three months, I’ve heard dozens of stories of pastors leaving their churches. I get it…the pandemic has been hard. Many pastors who already planted their church had to re-plant their…

Embracing Unity in the Age of Cancel Culture

One of the most widely-used features in social media these days is the mute button, the option that allows us to silence our friends’ posts and stories without their ever knowing. It can be a handy little feature, I’ll admit.…
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