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How the Way We Talk About Sin Can Keep Us From Being Good People

American Christians lost our public credibility when we stopped talking about “virtues and vices.” Few church leaders, and even fewer popular Christian writers and teachers, focus on the development of virtue and resistance to vice. And words create worlds. Why is language so important? Because without the notion of vice, we are left with few terms to describe our darkness. And the word we choose most often isn’t hefty enough alone to carry the freight of our fallen nature. That word is sin. You’ve heard it. “Do not sin.” “Sin no more.” “Love the sinner. Hate the sin.” Sin is serious. Jesus-people ought to take it seriously. Sin leads to death. It distances us from God. But sin has companions,…

Take a Knee for the Children

When Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, visited a US government shelter for immigrant children in Combes, Texas, what she saw undid her. A distraught toddler was crying inconsolably and pounding her small fists against the…

A Remedy for Your Exhaustion

Times come when we yearn for more of God than our schedules will allow. We are tired, we are crushed, we are crowded by friends and acquaintances, commitments and obligations. The life of grace is abounding, but we are too…
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