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Our Need for Lament

(Editor’s Note: We are doing a seven-part series on Lenten Practices in an Age of Anxiety, which will run every Wednesday starting with MaryKate Morse’s reflection on lament to begin this Ash Wednesday. May this series help you enter more intentionally and thoughtfully into your Lenten journey.)
I have completed the thirty days of Sheloshim, a mourning period for the death of my dad.1 My grief journey began when the last two breaths passed from my father’s mouth to my face. And now during Lent, you and I are journeying towards the inevitable death of Jesus. I am also acutely aware that when Jesus died, no one had their arms around him, with their face to his face…

The Limits of Experience

I’ve always felt bad that my faith story does not involve a “religious experience.” When other evangelical pastors, leaders, and fellow Christians take turns sharing their “conversion story,” speaking of dramatic experiences at altars, retreats, and recovery meetings, mine seems…
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