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Three Ways for the Church to Stop the Cycle of Abuse and Assault

The evangelical church in the US is facing a reckoning. For the last few years, story after story has surfaced that one high-profile pastor, theologian, or teacher after another has been caught engaging in behavior ranging from unethical financial practices to spiritual abuse, infidelity, and sexual assault. Prominent apologist Ravi Zacharias was the latest to join the ranks. What on earth is happening amongst a group of people who claim an unwavering commitment to Jesus and his Word? The truth is, there is no shortage of evidence that evangelicals lack a moral high ground when it comes to women. The Southern Baptist Convention and Sovereign Grace Church are still reeling from the revelation that predators have been able to…

Made for a Place Called Good

It’s easy to take things for granted, easy to assume people have always seen and engaged the world the same way we do. It’s easy to assume people have always made similar assumptions about the nature of things and asked…

I (Still) Believe in the Church

In 2016, I stepped into the pulpit of a church I had quickly fallen in love with. I had hopes, dreams, and visions for us—and so did many others. For many, it was a shift in trajectory for not just…
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