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Watching and Walking with Those in the Darkness

Then the lookout shouted,
“Day after day, O lord, I stand on the watchtower;
night after night I stay at my post.” —Isaiah 21:8 Some spiritual disciplines are routine. Some are occasional, and a few are very rare. A few are so sacramental, they are only to be undertaken when the Holy Spirit calls. One of these rare disciplines is to companion someone in the dark…closely, with few words and a rooted conviction that you are at the foot of the cross and must stay there until released. You are there precisely when most have pulled away, when the sounds of choked suffering and the smell of blood is most prevalent. I have been called to this three times over…

The Gift of Cross-Gender Leadership

After thirty years in marriage I’m starting to understand what God was thinking when he created marriage and why he used it to describe his relationship with the people of Israel and the relationship of Jesus to the church. We…

Liberated by Perfect Love

A few months ago, I was watching an episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” featuring Jerry Seinfeld chatting with Dana Carvey (aka, Saturday Night Live’s “Church Lady.”) They were talking comedy, with Carvey moving from one impression of a…

Shared Leadership in Sacred Spaces

Women were always prominent leaders in my life. When I worshiped at church, I watched women serve as elders, pastors, preachers, and leaders. When I went home, I saw my parents share leadership of our family. When I went to…

Five Reasons Why Neighborhoods Matter

Your neighborhood is a complex and messy place. If you take a walk around you will see signs of life, hope, movement, change, and beauty. There are people working for good in various places and spaces, but you will also…
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