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Another One Bites the Dust: Three Changes the Church Needs to Make

Here I am, only six months since the last article I wrote on mighty cedars falling to the earth1 (aka Jerry Falwell, Jr.), and now I’m writing another on the fall of Ravi Zacharias.2 It’s hard not to get cynical about famous male evangelical leaders. Ravi’s fall hits the evangelical church particularly hard because he was admired internationally. I’ve been reading soul-searching responses from all over the world. Ravi had a huge following of young leaders who listened to, were inspired by, and imitated his apologetic approach to evangelism. Now his organization and leaders worldwide are trying to pick up the pieces. There are three lessons that any church or Christian organization trying to serve faithfully in this…

An Epiphany to Lament

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, the world watched as our nation’s capital became the backdrop of a scene of insurrection, anarchy, and violence. As Trump supporters bent on disrupting the democratic process that would validate Joe Biden’s presidential victory stormed the US…

Sabbath Politics for a Weary World

It is a sad but unfortunate truth that much of the contemporary church has no intimation of what to do with the Bible’s teachings regarding the Sabbath. Couched in the dime-store narrative of Jewish legalism, the standard approach to the…

I (Still) Believe in the Church

In 2016, I stepped into the pulpit of a church I had quickly fallen in love with. I had hopes, dreams, and visions for us—and so did many others. For many, it was a shift in trajectory for not just…
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