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Contemplative Spirituality Provides a Trauma-Informed Approach to Growing Healthier Churches

Many of the members of my own congregation carry deep wounds that have been inflicted upon them by the church. Perhaps you have noticed the same thing in your own church community? Some wounds come from coercive, hierarchical, or abusive leadership. Others from the church’s centeredness on Whiteness at the exclusion and subjection of people of color. And some are the result of experiencing second-class citizenship or outright rejection because of their gender. Because of the prevalence of church-inflicted trauma, I have sought to be more trauma-informed in the ways I pastor and the kind of culture and practices we are building into our congregation. Like many of you, I am asking :
  • As church leaders, how do we not

Burning Away Barriers and Blowing Down Walls

Pentecost marks the birthday of the Christian church, the day when the mission to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18) officially launched. While Jesus Christ himself is the church’s head (Colossians 1:18), and profession of Jesus as Lord is…
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