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Everything a Gift: Remembering Eugene Peterson

Eugene led me down the stone steps past their kayaks and into the crawl space under their home on Flathead Lake. The cool cave carved out of the earth held boxes of books, a collection of water air-up toys, and several rat traps scattered along the floor. The traps were only mildly successful, as I’d later discover shelves loaded with leather-bound editions of The Message and rows of new hardbacks like Eat this Book nibbled through, these Montana rats literally taking Eugene’s advice. Stooping through the low entrance, Eugene flipped the switch and the bare 100-watt bulb flickered and sizzled. Eugene pointed to twin black metal cabinets stuffed full of letters, manuscripts, sermons, calendars, clippings from high school, college, and…

Reading the Bible Together When We Don’t Agree

What do leaders do with the Bible when a congregation is divided? In the midst of conflicts over women in ministry, LGBTQ sexuality, racism, immigration, how do leaders lead a people with the Bible through discernments? Assuming Christians agree on…
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