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Nine Lessons For Christian Leaders (Who Also Happen To Be Female)

I felt called to pastoral and preaching ministry within my first few months as a Christian. I remember being asked to share my testimony at a youth service and being very excited. I already had a lot of experience as a public speaker, so it seemed like a simple request to serve.  I soon learned that the sacred content communicated within the preaching mantle made this completely different to any previous experience I had with public speaking. It also revealed to me that I had a passion and giftedness for this work, because this content immediately mattered more than almost any other ministry I was doing. However, I was serving within a complementarian church at the time, so I quickly…

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God

*Editorial Note: The following is a sponsored partner article from InterVarsity Press (IVP), one of Missio Alliance’s partners in mission. Missio Alliance partners participate in creating spaces and resources aimed at helping diverse church and ministry leaders engage in formational…
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