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The Three Waves Metaphor: How Culture Shapes the Way We Work for Justice

*Editorial Note: “The State of the Church in America” plenary session from Awakenings 2023 is now available for download. The keynote lecture you will read below was given by David Fitch, one of five speakers who addressed broad themes on “The State of the Church in America.” His plenary focuses on the effect of post-modernity within the Church, and how addressing deep-rooted structural change is only possible through a disruption of the entire frame of one’s ideology itself. In addition to Dr. Fitch’s plenary, in this recording you’ll hear from Oneya Okuwobi on Race and Equity, JR Woodward on Church Planting, Tracey Mathews on Contemplative Advocacy, and Charles Self offering a Historical Perspective on the American…

Pentecost DNA Forms Border-Crossing Christians

*Editorial Note: The following is a sponsored partner article from InterVarsity Press (IVP), one of Missio Alliance’s partners in mission. Missio Alliance partners participate in creating spaces and resources aimed at helping diverse church and ministry leaders engage in formational…
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