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What Will Keep Us from Building a Church in the Ruins?

I recently re-read my chapter “Building a Church in the Ruins” in the recently released book When the Universe Cracks (NavPress; edited by Angie Ward, featuring a number of authors in whose company I was honored to be included). The chapter was written in the heart of a pandemic ennui, seeking a gospel hope for a renewed church in the US. But I couldn’t help but notice how it felt a bit dated, although it was written less than a year ago. So much has happened since then to test the faith expressed in that chapter. We went through a traumatic transfer of power in the US—many people in the church are still fighting the results of that election. With…

Breathing in a New Rule of Life

No matter what airline we’ve traveled on, we have all heard the cautionary announcement at the beginning of the flight: “In an emergency, make sure you secure your own oxygen mask before you assist others.” It might seem like the…
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