September 3, 2014 / Missio Alliance

A September Conversation on Restoring Unity in the Church Today – Plus a Call for Submissions!

Our Conversation on the Blog this month continues in the general theme of unity, but gets specific on “Restoring Unity to the Church Today.” Read more about the Once & Future Mission Series and our ongoing conversation about unity here.

We will be featuring a variety of perspectives from our Writing Team, but we would love to hear your point of view as well! If you’re interested in submitting an article for this month’s series, send a pitch to Try to funnel your ideas in this general direction:

Having looked at the biblical basis for unity throughout August, we are turning to the everyday, on-the-ground ways that unity is being expressed in our churches and neighborhoods/communities. What are the challenges that we are facing in working out unity among people from differing backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and theological persuasions? What are the successes that we see taking place? How is all of this working towards greater effectiveness in joining God’s mission in the world?

We look forward to having this conversation and making your voices heard!