March 16, 2010 / David Fitch

Amazing Opportunities to Learn: Church Planting, John Franke and other Missional Assundries

There’s some great opportunities out there to learn about the life, theology and practice of missional church with great people. I thought I’d pass em on to you in case you’re near by.
1.)The Ecclesia Network Church Planting Training. May 17-21 in Richmond VA. This is a training week in the theology and practice of seeding a missional community. It’s a learning exercise that is uniquely missional with practicioners and thinkers who have all planted churches. I just don’t know of anything out there quite like it. I’ll be there to help lead a session, but I’m really looking forward to learning alot as well. If you’re interested, nearby? you can download the brochure here.

2.)John Franke teaches an online course in Missional Theology. John’s a friend and a great teacher. Rarely is there an opportunity to delve into the themes of Missional theology with one of its leaders.  The course is called “Theology for the Mission of God”( More here). I recommend it.

3.) The Evolving Church Conference on April 10 in Toronto is on Kingdom Economy. The subject is how do Christians join together to reorder their lives to better reflect the order of the kingdom of God. The way we think about and spend money, share possessions, and care for one another is singularly important to our witness before the world. Bill Cavanaugh, Brennan Manning are just some of the headline speakers. I’m going to be there (not speaking this year, just attending!). Check it out here.

4.) Cultivate in Hamilton Ontario. I don’t know if Pernell can handle any more attenders here. But I recommend this gathering every year. It’s plain old church planters – missional leaders gathering to encourage and learn from each other. It happens twice every year. It’s the kind of thing we need in many areas of the country. Thanks Pernell for your leadership in this every year! Wish I could be there!

5.) N.T. Wright is coming to Wheaton College Theology Conference. I think it’s sold out. Sorry. But if anyone has an extra ticket give me a call eh?