January 6, 2014 / Missio Alliance

Being Human, Becoming Christian: An Embodied Reconciliation of Heaven and Earth (Baucum, Fee-Nordling, Hirsch)

This plenary session from the Missio Alliance 2013 Gathering ventures into the difficult waters of humanity, sexuality, and desire. Tory Baucum, Cherith Fee-Nordling, Debra Hirsch, and Alan Hirsch peel back the layers and get to the essence of what the biblical narrative is communicating – namely, that the story begins with original design, not original sin, and reaches a crescendo in Christ as the image of God and embodiment of our human destiny.

 Cherith Fee-Nordling Deb Hirsch Alan Hirsch

Plenary Description:

Is this life all there is as far as our humanity goes? What would it mean to receive the Christian hope of salvation as “for the body” as opposed to merely “from the body?” As we think about and participate in the story of God’s involvement with the world from creation to new creation, how might this transfigure our bodily enactment of God’s future in our present relationships?

As the North American Church seeks to participate as fully and faithfully as possible in God’s mission in the world, questions about the nature of humanity, sexuality, and desire are among those at the forefront of our minds and conversations.

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