November 18, 2015 / David Fitch

Is Church Planting Hard Work? Hmmmmmmmm

Missional thought leader Martin Robinson from the UK put this video of me up on his web site about three years ago. He’s the principle of Springdale College in the UK. He’s been a leader in the missional movement in UK for years. He goes back to the days of the great one Leslie Newbigin himself! After some meetings we were at, he catches me, pulls out this little camera and takes this video of me. What resulted was this interview about church planting.

I repost it here because one of my buddies on Facebook was talking about how hard church planting is. This discussion prompted the memory of this video. During this interview Martin (dares to) ask if church planting (as I was conceiving it) was “hard work.” My answer is on tape.  Have a look if you have 5 minutes. And then comment as to whether you think church planting is hard work and why. Thanks to Martin Robinson!! He’s the real deal!