#ChurchTrending: A Brand New Blog Conversation and a Call for Submissions!

We’ve spent the last three months talking about unity in the church today, and what it all means for the mission of God in the world.

But to finish out 2014, we are turning our attention to a different conversation:

‪#‎ChurchTrending‬: Cultural Currents & the (mis)Shaping of the Church in Mission

Amid God’s desire for the Church to reflect vast amounts of diversity, one unifying reality that is true of the church in all times, places, and expressions is its need to wrestle with the cultural currents of its day and context. Of course these ebb and flow and manifest themselves differently across time and space, yet the challenge is the same, to answer the question:

“How will we faithfully embody what it means to be the people of God in our cultural context?”

The response of the church, in both its local and corporate expressions, to this question creates trends which then shape its life and witness in God’s mission. Even more, in a world that is more globally interconnected that it ever has been, what “counts” as our cultural context isn’t always cut and dry.

To round out 2014, we want to invite articles that reflect on the relationship the church (in its many expressions) to the cultural currents that are shaping, or misshaping, its engagement in mission. In this vein, we are looking for articles that, beyond offering a critical analysis of this relationship in a specific area, also seek to provide stories and theological perspectives that can impact our thinking and practice in meaningful directions. 

These articles could address topics right across the spectrums of politics, socioeconomics, arts & media, education, community development, global human crises, and still others.

Looking forward to your contributions around this topic.

If you’d like to submit an article for this series…

  1. Download and read over the Missio Alliance Writing Framework to get a sense of what we’re after.
  2. Draft a post of ~600-1,200 words and send it to us at
  3. Be sure to include a brief (<100 words) bio including any social networking links and your picture.

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