I grew up in the evangelical church of N America, in Canada, Northeast United States, and the Midwest. Seen all its strengths, weathered its problems. Left it all in disgust for a good while. But came back to my roots to work for renewal, reinvigoration and transformation for the days that lie ahead.

My journey  includes a.) doing a Ph.D at Northwestern University, b.) teaching in a large city church, c.) leading a small intentional community in the city of Chicago, planting a missional church, Life on the Vine Christian Community (of the Christian and Missionary Alliance) in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, which planted two more churches. I am at the second of those churches pastoring and participating in life at Peace of Christ Community in Westmont IL.  I’ve been coaching missional church plants for several years. As part of that, I’ve been  involved in organizing the Missional Learning Commons in the Midwest. We gather once a year to encourage each other, hear stories, and share how to do church as “everyday life.” Currently, I serve as the BR Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology  at Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL. where I teach culture, theology and ethics. I head up the D.Min and M.A. Theology and Mission at Northern.

I have been given numerous opportunities to speak, teach  and challenge the church on engaging the  contexts of the new post Christendom cultures of North America. I have spent most of my adult ministry/academic life asking the question Why Church? How do we lead church into the challenges we are facing including pluralism, injustice, post Christendom, postmodernity, alternative sexualities. The questions “What is the gospel? Where is the Kingdom? How does God reveal Himself? What is conversion? need to be asked anew. I have written on all these subjects in one form or another. Above all, I seek to reimagine church as a way of life under the Lordship of Christ and His mission in the world.

I list below some of the places I have been a presenter.

My books are viewable under the About tab on the front page of this site. If you’ve been a reader of this blog, or know me in other ways, and you’re interested in having me come to speak, lead dialogue on any of these things, e-mail me here.   I’ll be sure to get back to you. Blessings all. Thanks for reading!!


Current Speaking/Teaching Engagements


January 24-27  AMIA Nat’l Gathering – Dallas

February 5-9 Fuller Theological Seminary

March 15-17 Fresh Expressions USA National Gathering Wash DC

April 13-15 Timothy Eaton Memorial Church – Toronto

April 25- 26 North American Baptist Pastors – Northern Seminary Chicago IL

May 14 Pastor’s Roundtable Northern Seminary

May 17-19 Telos Collective C4SO Northern Seminary Chicago IL

June 16-17 IndyMetro Church Indianapolis.

Sept 22     Missie.nu Conference Netherlands

Sept 27-28 American Baptists Great Rivers District

October 22-26 Forge Canada London/Toronto/Edmonton/Vancouver

Nov 2-3 New England District of Church of Nazarene.

Nov 5-7 Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa GA.

Nov 13 Community Christian Church – Naperville IL

Dec 1 Alliance Theological Seminary/Nyack College Manhattan NYC


Feb 12, American Baptist Pastors – Nebraska – Northern Seminary

March 8,9 Mennonite Church Saskatchewan Saskatoon

March 12,13 ‘Becoming a Transforming Church’ Transforming Center -Wheaton IL

March 28, 29, 30 Missio Alliance Alexandria VA

April 30-May 3  Blue Ocean NAB pastors – Westmont IL

May 9-11 Resource Conference Bloomington IL

May 16-18 Telos Collective ACNA  Chicago IL

Aug 5-9 Fuller Theological Seminary

Sept 26-28 Praxis 2019 Philadelphia


Cross Section Sampling of Past Speaking Engagement

*Plenary Speaker


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