“Ed and Me” Part 2, and 3 and Beyond

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There is some more video “out there” on Ed Stetzer and me debating … er conversing on among other things, Can Mega Be Missional? I tried to embed it (vimeo) on the post here and had no luck (the blog is on wordpress). So, until I figure out how to do it, it’s all available here at the Missional Channel at Vimeo.
In regard to this most recent video … it’s time to fess up. I can finally admit it. My strategy backfired.  My strategy was to sit back coyly, ask a lot of questions and let Ed self-destruct. It didn’t work, he destroyed me and I have yet to recover 🙂 OK … just kidding. We had a great time, we left good friends. After this episode we went over to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where I changed strategy. Over there, in hockey terms (something Ed would not understand because he’s from the south), I took the gloves off (wink wink). I’m hoping the final footage of the debate at Trinity appears, before my reputation as a shrinking violet is irreversible! Thanks to the unflappable, indefatigable team of Bill and Imbi Kinnon for their tireless efforts at putting out materials like this for the furtherance of God’s Mission in and thru His church. Again, you can find all their good work here at the Missional Channel at Vimeo.


UPDATE: Thanks to JR in the comments, I figured out how to embed the videos. Thanks JR.

Ed Stetzer & Dave Fitch – a missional conversation Part II from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.

Stetzer & Fitch – a missional conversation – Part III from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.

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