FREE RESOURCE: Everyday Theology

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Our free resource this week is a workshop led by Roger Olson and Scott Daniels on exploring the “everyday” way of doing theology. How can the church pastorally equip its people to think and act theologically in everyday life?

 Scott Daniels

Workshop Description:

Contrary to much popular opinion, theology is not only for scholars and does not deal only with abstract, metaphysical doctrines such as the hypostatic union. Is there a theology of Facebook and other everyday practices of most people? How might culture, including social networking, inform and be informed by theology? This workshop will explore the notion of Christian living as inherently theological and address the pastoral issue of helping all of God’s people think and act theologically.

The audio download of this workshop is available HERE and is available for free all day today, 3/3/14 (discount automatically applied when you add the workshop to your cart).

**If you find resources like this helpful, there are many more available here. You might even want to grab a bundle all at the same time.**

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