Free Resource: Good Neighbor – Helping Mission Adapt to Its Context

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Our free resource this week is a workshop led by Nikki Toyama-Szeto and Leroy Barber on translating mission in different contexts. How do matters of race, culture, geography, and economics change the way God’s mission takes shape in a particular place? And how must we be responsive to these contextual matters?

Leroy Barber

Workshop Description:

Effective and faithful Christian leaders must be culturally astute, but not color-blind. Likewise, effective and faithful engagement in mission means being contextually responsive, reflective, discerning, and adaptive, but not culturally captive.

Navigating these issues, theologically as well as practically, is never easy.

In this workshop we will discuss ways to help leaders identify the non-negotiables of their mission and how to translate these into effective and faithful practices in different contexts (racially, socially, geographically, economically). We will also explore how the contexts we inhabit can inform the shape of our missional engagement.

The audio download of this workshop is available HERE and is available for free all day today, 3/17/14 (discount automatically applied when you add the workshop to your cart).

**If you find resources like this helpful, there are many more available here. You might even want to grab a bundle all at the same time.**

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