Missio Alliance began with a handful of leaders who longed to see the formation of a new identity for evangelicals – one that was rooted in our orthodox past, but committed to exploring the future of ministry and theology in our new mission context. In our humble beginnings (we are still there in many ways), a growing number of organizations and institutions across the evangelical landscape of North America have linked arms to create a space where we can explore together – A Church Reimagined for a World Recreated.

Along the way, hundreds of individuals have expressed a warm-hearted affinity for the work of Missio Alliance and a satisfaction that they have “found their people.” Many have asked how they might join this work and contribute to its development.

As we look toward the future, we’re excited to extend the “Missio Alliance Friends Network” to provide an easy path for those who want to support the work of Missio Alliance while also creating an opportunity for these friends to intersect with one another and benefit from more substantive forms of engagement. Friends of Missio Alliance are those who want to identify with the ethos and aims of Missio Alliance and therefore, support the work and ministry of Missio Alliance personally for $10/month. As a way to say thanks to those who are able to generously partner with us in this way, we are pleased to extend a number of benefits:

  1. Access to our archive of downloadable audio and video resources from past live events and webinars
  2. Major discounts to partner resources, including one full year subscription to Fuller Formation and a 60 day free trial to Seminary Now.
  3. No-cost access to regular webinars and online discussions featuring a diverse array of theological practitioners engaging issues critical to the church’s witness
  4. Early notification for all Missio Alliance gatherings, events, online forums, etc
  5. Exclusive discounts to all Missio Alliance live events
  6. Special discounts from our Alliance Partners
  7. Inclusion in a private Facebook group designed for networking, conversation, and resource sharing

Looking to support the work of Missio Alliance beyond joining the Friends Network? Visit: missioalliance.org/contribute 

Join the Missio Alliance Friends Network Now