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Pastoring for Racial Reconciliation

Are you passionate about racial justice and reconciliation but find it hard to persuade your predominantly white church that it is a crucial part of the Great Commission? Through this material, we’ll ask you to examine your own life, the rhythms of your church, and the dynamics of your geophysical context to uncover hidden and lingering racism and oppression. We’ll reflect on the deep scriptural emphasis on becoming a “new family in Jesus,” one that does not benefit from the other’s marginalization, but is strengthened by freeing the oppressed. Finally, we’ll guide you through five concrete and practical steps you can take to lead your church towards becoming the “Beloved Community” that is a witness to a racialized world.

Pastoring for Political Maturity

The church is called to bring Christ-centered values to bear on current events. Yet it spends an inordinate amount of time arguing over which boxes we fit in, boxes devised by a secular worldview. This weakens its witness and grieves God. In this resource, you’ll be guided by three seasoned pastors who will give you tools to lead your church into political maturity. You’ll grow in your ability to reject the categories presented by the mass media in favor of a gracious, humanizing, and thoroughly biblical political posture. You’ll complete the lesson having written a sermon based on Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 22. We estimate that this will take you 6 hours to complete (but not all in one sitting!).

Atonement: What the Cross Tells Us

A foundation of Christian faith is the understanding that Christ died for our sins on the cross. But what does that really mean and how does that affect us today? This material offers a more holistic understanding of the Cross and Jesus’ life. It will help shine light on common misconceptions about the Atonement and guide you through how to incorporate this more complete understanding of the Cross into your ministry and daily interactions.

Limitless: Meeting God with Our Whole Self

Do you feel like your prayer life and even your connection with God is only engaging your mind and not your heart? Or that prayer doesn’t dive into the deep places of yourself, your joy, your experiences, your hurt, your world around you? This course reminds us that we are God’s creations—senses, bodies, emotions, and all—and he wants to meet with us in every way he can. God desires deep connection with us, so join Mandy Smith on this journey into holistic, multisensory prayer and redefine your communication with God and reinvigorate your daily practices! $15/also part of our subscription

Stop Sweeping Issues Under the Rug

Have you noticed a particular matter that keeps popping up again and again in your church community? Or an inconsistency in how your church implements what you teach? Has the prospect of actually making a plan to do something about it seemed just too overwhelming so the issue is swept back under the rug? This course provides a roadmap to help you and your leadership team determine the best way for your church to introduce a change to your congregation. Join April Fiet and Rob Dixon as they guide you through this roadmap to uncovering those matters and bringing them into the light!

Stop Burnout Before it Stops You

As a pastor, these last few years, more universally than most, have been absolutely exhausting. Learning new ways to do community, balancing politics, supporting your congregation, worrying about the future, the immense amounts of grief and loss, let alone all the other “normal” aspects of your work, have all taken their toll. This course walks through the importance of finding a balance of rest for yourself and your team amidst the chaos of life. Journey with Michelle Ami Reyes and Dr. Wes Beavis as they introduce ways to identify burnout before it takes over your life, and how to create rhythms to help reduce its frequency in yourself and your church staff.

Leading the Church of Tomorrow

As most pastors know, the affiliation with the church among younger generations has gradually decreased over the years, leaving many asking, why? A big part of that can be associated with the significant shifts that occur in culture and society every decade. Yet, in the midst of this evolution, we’re still called to deliver the unchanging gospel message. Maybe the key is in “how” we do it. David Fitch recommends five changes that leaders need to make to effectively lead and pastor the church of the future. Join him on this journey to discover a different way to understand and engage our culture in a way that could transform your ministry and your church!

Now What? Empowering Women Leaders

Female leaders have played significant roles throughout history, but the church has not always been a place for developing, empowering, and supporting women in their leadership gifts. Successful churches today know that diversity is not a new concept and helping each congregation member develop their God-given gifts and talents has always been a part of our Kingdom mission. In this course, J.R. Briggs and Mandy Smith guide you through a deeper understanding of female leadership in the context of the church and how leaders can address some of the challenges that inhibit women from developing their leadership gifts while creating pathways for service in the church and beyond.