Hangin Out at The National Church Planting Congress of Canada

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I thought I’d have some time to post this week. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m here in Winnipeg at the national church planting congress of Canada put on by Church Planting Canada. I’ve been thinking through with several people these days what forms church-planting must take if we are not to repeat merely cannibalizing the church. In other words, much church planting is updating church for the Christians who grew up in older forms of church. How do we do church planting so we actually engage people outside the gospel? I hope to post some of these thoughts maybe in the next couple days. If not this week, I’ll get to it next week.
Meanwhile, I’m speaking on this topiv here at the Congress. My topic for the Wednesday night plenary (here at the CPC) is “The Ideological Cycle: How Not To Plant a Church.” My topic for the Wednesday afternoon plenary session is  “Planting a church thru Missional Practices: How “SENTNESS” Extends His Authority.” Come join us if you’re in the neighborhood.

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