Helping Your Church Address Life’s Biggest Questions

People in your church are grappling with huge questions. How can you help them respond as Jesus would? The Jesus Way: Small Books of Radical Faith provides concise, practical theology to help readers encounter big questions about God’s work in the world. This series of accessible, insightful books is written by a diverse community of internationally-renowned pastors, scholars, and practitioners committed to the way of Jesus.

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What Is the Bible and How Do We Understand It?
by Dennis R. Edwards

Dennis R. Edwards offers a succinct and profound investigation of Scripture. By holding up Jesus as the interpretive key and inviting us to read the Bible with the marginalized, Edwards challenges us to a Christ-centered approach to hermeneutics. What does it mean to read the Bible with Jesus at the center? How does Scripture illuminate the work of God in the world? Edwards shines light on contemporary debates about the Bible and calls us to faithful, loving interpretations and applications of the Word of God.

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Why Did Jesus Die and What Difference Does It Make?
by Michele Hershberger

Michele Hershberger helps us peer deeply into the meaning of the cross by sifting through Scripture and the life of Christ. Learn about theological concepts like sin, salvation, and atonement. Find out how Christians across the centuries have thought about Jesus’ death. Discover how Jesus’ life, crucifixion, and resurrection change everything.

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Why Do We Suffer and Where Is God When We Do?
by Valerie G. Rempel

Valerie G. Rempel leads readers into a gentle meditation on the many questions surrounding why we suffer. How can God be all-loving and all-powerful? Why don’t prayers seem to work? Is pain always redemptive? And what do the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus reveal about suffering? We may not find answers to all our questions, but we can lean into the God big enough to absorb all of them.

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What Is God’s Mission in the World and How Do We Join It?
by Juan F. Martinez

Juan F. Martínez leads us on an inquiry into God’s mission in the world: what it is, what it is not, and who is invited to be part of it. If Jesus is truly God’s mission incarnate, we need to look at what Jesus did and how he did it. Martínez helps readers understand what mission means, why Christians in the past have made missteps, and how we can learn from Christian communities that are spreading the good news of Jesus today. Doing mission in the way of Jesus may look different from what many assume, but it is a call that the church cannot afford to miss.

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What Is the Trinity and Why Does It Matter?
by Steve Dancause

Steve Dancause offers a succinct and profound investigation into how what we think about God as Trinity matters in our faith, our work, and our love. It matters because the walls of our churches are cracking around us. We can keep patching things up, but it is better to go to the foundation and do the hard digging. With the right foundation, the structure holds, and it stands the test of eternity. And it is only in Jesus, and the Trinity he reveals to us, that we build our lives on solid rock. Let’s dig down together.

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Who Are Our Enemies and How Do We Love Them?
by Hyung Jin Kim Sun

Hyung Jin Kim Sun leads us on an exploration of God’s call to love our enemies. What did Jesus demonstrate and teach about loving enemies? How is nonviolence connected to Christian faith and spirituality? Isn’t violence sometimes necessary? Does loving our enemies really work? What is the goal of enemy love and how can it be applied in our everyday lives? This book won’t answer every question about a Christian practice of nonviolence, but it will lead toward a deeper faith as we consider how to live with enemies in a violent world.

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What Is the Church and Why Does It Exist?
by David Fitch
What Does Justice Look Like and Why Does God Care about It?
by Judith and Colin McCartney
Who Was Jesus and What Does It Mean to Follow Him?
by Nancy Elizabeth Bedford
What Is God’s Kingdom and What Does Citizenship Look Like?
by César García