I’m Quitting Blogging For Six Months: My Blog Sabbatical

Dear readers of Reclaimingthemission.com,

I am taking a sabbatical from this blog beginning this week and ending Sept 1 2012. It’s ironic I do this at the beginning of Lent (I didn’t plan it this way) because I really dread doing this. I love blogging. It has become a regular discipline in my week for over 5 years. I am going to miss it. I am going to hate doing this. Even this week, when I knew I was going to write this, I had two episodes happen that I wished I could have used this blog to reflect theologically on. But I have to shut er down for a while because I have a set of obligations that demand my full time focus in the next six months. I’ve got to fast and focus.

The biggest of these demands is a book that I am contracted to write for a large (and unflexable 🙂 ) publishing house that is due this summer. I have to make some serious space to write it amidst my other duties of teaching at Northern Seminary, pastoral life and various speaking engagements. This next six months is going to be crazy!!

The book itself, is going to be my first popular book, a book written for a non academic audience. I’m co-writing it with Geoff Holsclaw with whom I have co-pastored for ten years (which makes this all the more complicated). It sketches out a theology and practice for the church that I’ve been working on for years. It weaves in stories from our church life together, our journies through the Emergent and Neo-Reformed church discussions, as well as the church plantings we’ve been involved with. It leads us to some conclusions about the belief and practice we must think through for nurturing fresh expressions of the gospel in our culture. I think the book will be timely. I think its focus on the missional/Ana-baptist theological discussion for actual church practice on the ground will take the whole missional discussion to another level, at least theologically (may I be so bold?). It’s due out in Jan 2013. There’ll be more news to come I’m sure.

I Will Return!

Even as I write this, I’m chomping at the bit to return. I look forward to returning to blogging September 1st with a queue of posts that basically reflect off daily leadership/ministry/theological issues that pop up in my daily life as pastor/coach to missional churches/church plants/seedlings as well as in my travels. This really does feed my soul and I’m going to miss it.

In the MeanTime

Between now and September 1st, I’ll also be doing some speaking and stuff. I love doing this as always. For instance, I’m lecturing at Eastern Mennonite University Feb 29 2012, speaking at the Ecclesia National Gathering in Washington DC March 5-6, speaking at the Inhabit (Parish Collective) Conference April 20-21 in Seattle, speaking at the Aggelos Church Planter Training, May 7-11 in Richmond VA, and lecturing 5 times  June 12-14 2012 at Northeastern Seminary (Public Lectures) Rochester NY. The best part of these travels is interacting with people. I learn so much! If you’re around, why not join me?

You can also enjoy the archives of the blog and follow me on Facebook or Twitter where I shall remain active as ever having a good time interacting with folk over various issues that come up in life, ministry, theology and blog posts.

Blessings on the next 6 months! I look forward to being with you again on this blog September 1st!!

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