April 8, 2008 / David Fitch

Jesus Manifesto Writing Competition: Stepping into the Wind

My friend Mark Van Steenwyck and the blog he runs, JesusManifesto.com, is doing a writing competition. It’s called the “Stepping into the Wind: A Pentecost-Inspired Writing Competition”. I mean where does this man’s creativity end? I thought it looked so good that I wanted the readers here of ReclaimingtheMission to “get wind” of it. Blessings to Mark and everyone over at JesusManifesto for spurring the flames of creativity for the Kingdom. If you can contribute the details are as follows:

We want your words. Jesus Manifesto is inviting you to submit an original article exploring the theme of Pentecost. In particular we want you to explore the theme of Pentecost in light of the world’s struggles. In the so-called “first” world, Christendom is fading into memory. In the so-called “third” world, new religious realities are emerging as Pentecostalism, Catholicism, and Islam compete for souls. Meanwhile, our world is growing increasingly diverse as immigration patterns and globalization intensify both the interconnectedness and the fractured-ness of our world. Ours is a world where urban poor in US cities carry cell phones while urban poor in other cities live amidst disease and intractability.

How can Pentecost can provoke our imagination for the 21st Century? In 1000 words or less, we want you to stoke the embers of our imagination into flame.

PRIZES: We’re awarding one $50 prize for each of our categories (doxis, praxis, culture, aesthetics, and satire) with a $150 grand prize for the overall best general submission. That’s $400 total in prizes.

Winners will be announced on June 1. The winning submissions, along with the 2nd place submissions for each category, will be published in JM in June.

DEADLINE: Pentecost 2008 (May 11)

Enter the contest here.