Kingdom Conversations is a series of conversational books

that brings together trusted Christian voices to address the most urgent and perplexing challenges of our time in resonant and redemptive ways.

The series features popular Missio Alliance authors such as Juliet Liu, Derek Vreeland, Mandy Smith, Sean Palmer, Efrem Smith, and Karen Wilk. Additional voices we are eager to platform include Alejandro Mandes, Ryan Tafilowski, Brandon Washington, and Jonathan Brooks.




When the Universe Cracks: Living as God’s People in Times of Crisis
by Angie Ward, Editor

Global conflicts, civil unrest, fallen leaders, health crises, financial meltdowns—the world is ripe with strife. When we face unexpected personal crises or when society around us seems to be collapsing, we wonder: Why is this happening? Can God be trusted?

Who can I trust to help me follow Jesus through this current crisis?

Scholar and church leader Angie Ward facilitates this energizing and fascinating discussion. Thought leaders Jo Anne Lyon, Efrem Smith, Christine Jeske, D. A. Horton, Kyuboem Lee, Marshall Shelley, Matt Mikalatos, Sean Gladding, Catherine McNiel, and Lee Eclov each contributed a chapter.

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Kingdom and Country: Following Jesus in the Land that You Love
by Angie Ward, Editor

We love God. We love our country. What does it look like to love each properly and well?

In Kingdom and Country, a collection of leading Christian thinkers and practitioners take a holistic approach to considering the questions of patriotism, nationalism, and where our ultimate loyalties must like. Contributors include Alejandro Mandes, Juliet Liu, Ryan Tafilowski, Derek Vreeland, Rod Wilson, Michelle Reyes, Amanda Smith, Karen Wilk, Sean Palmer, and Tina Boesch

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