Me and Homebrewed Christianity

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Wow. I just listened to the Homebrewed Christianity podcast interview of me and I have serious self-doubt creeping in. Not to reiterate a Facebook conversation I had yesterday, but I want people to know, before they listen to this interview, that I love evangelicalism. But like all family, it’s kind of like a love-hate relationship. Like I tried to argue for in The End of Evangelicalism? (available at discount by clicking on the ad box on this site), I think the doctrinal drivers of evangelicalism, given the challenges of our time, are worth not only preserving but renewing. These drivers are a.) high view of the authority of Scripture, b.) conversionist soteriology centered in the person and work (on the cross etc.) of Christ, and c.)activist gospel engagement into the world. I don’t know if that came out in this interview but that’s all right. It is what it is and I grew to love the dudes (I did not meet at dudesses from Homebrewed) at Homebrewed Christianity. Thanks to Tripp Fuller. Thanks to Homebrewed Christianity.


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