Miracles in the Headlines

A miracle took place in my heart today,
A miracle 30 years in the making, in the longing, in the praying.
A quiet, private miracle.
But no less real for being private.
No less powerful for being private.

Something I’ve been promised was given.
Something I’ve heard whispered became real.
Something I thought was not possible is materializing before my teary eyes.

The tunnel is fading behind me. The light was not my imagination.

In a world where tragedies get headlines, it’s hard to see a planet being made new.
In a world where lives are transformed in personal places, it’s easy to keep it to ourselves.
In a world which is extroverted about despair and introverted about praise, we feel foolish for raising our voices in joy.
In a world so filled with suffering, who are we to say we’ve been healed?!

I can’t tell you the details of my miracle.

But I can tell you this:

It was powerful.
It was real.
I will never be the same again.
If this took place in every heart on the planet, the planet would be made new.

We want to see the power of God in measurable trends, statistics, visible movements.
And sometimes that takes place.
But the Kingdom is satisfied to plant itself in one heart at a time, over and over and over again.
Until we are a forest of mustard trees.

When Jesus was tempted with kingdoms of the world he was not swayed by the promise of influence over a faceless mass.
Because he wanted to heal millions of humans . . . one at a time. The Kingdom is satisfied to plant itself in one heart at a time, over and over and over again. Until we are a forest of mustard trees. Click To Tweet

What is God healing in you?

Could it be not only a miracle in you but in us?

How can what is deeply personal be proclaimed?

So that we begin to see what we’ve been promised.

Behold! He is making all things new . . . one life at a time.

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