Multi-Racial/Gender Leadership in the Local Church (Keasler & Toyama-Szeto)

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Our free resource this week is a workshop led by Keas Keasler and Nikki Toyama-Szeto on the subject of race, class, and gender equality in the church. How might the gospel influence our leadership practices in this area, and what impact might that have for God’s mission in the world?

 Nikki Toyama Szeto

Workshop Description:

In a society where issues of race and gender continue to be both explosive and divisive, the Church must proclaim that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us together as a new humanity in which color, class, and gender differences are overcome. The Church preaches this truth no louder than when it embodies it in its leadership. In this workshop we will reflect theologically as well as practically and personally on this aspect of Christian leadership that is so often overlooked and the implications it has for the life and mission of the local church.

The audio download of this workshop is available HERE and is available for free all day today, 2/10/14 (discount automatically applied when you add the workshop to your cart).

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