My Talk at the Slow Church Conference

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mzVJX6UHwllQb-oGPSA3BW6qeyGQvd39vKPUmU_1h2kCd7OSI-pHueEKZaKqdihTFjYu=s170My talk at Slow Church Conference is up on their website. That’s me below addressing this great group of people. You can listen to it here. The title of my talk was “Why There is No Fast Ecclesiology in God’s Mission“. The talk was conversational in nature (as opposed to polished). It was after Willie Jennings excellent talk the night before so I refer to him a few times (you can listen to that talk as well here). And the power point slide at the bottom of this post is what I was referring to the whole second half of the talk. Thanks to Chris Smith and John Pattison (who introduced me) who put on the conference and wrote the book after which the conference was named. You can buy it now here!


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