Reviewing and Reflecting on Martin Scorsese’s Adaptation of Shūsaku Endō’s ‘Silence’

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I first heard about Shūsaku Endō’s 1966 novel ‘Silence’ last year when artist, author, and director of Fuller Seminary’s Brehm Center, Makoto Fujimura wrote his reflections on the novel in his own book ‘Silence and Beauty’. I was so captivated by Makoto’s words that I interviewed him in Seminary Dropout episode 130, and later read ‘Silence’ itself. Makoto told me about the then upcoming adaptation by Martin Scorsese and how he had met with Scorsese before and during the filming.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my friend, and movie critic Ed Travis of Cinapse, invited me to the press screening here in Austin. Below are our reflections on the movie. It’s half movie review, and half theological reflection, a combination I think Seminary Dropout listeners will enjoy.

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