February 28, 2006 / David Fitch

Ramblings From Russia

Well I have internet for a few hours, and in this Far East part of Russia that’s a gift so I thot I would take advantage of it and blog a few thoughts.

First, as we continue through the journey of adopting our new child, I am thankful, in awe, and very well aware of how all of this would have been a million times more difficult apart from a deep trust in God’s working and sovereignty over our lives and the community of believers God has given us to walk this journey with. Indeed in Christ, this adoption has become so much more than the forming of a family. It has been the participating in God’s work in the world to raise up children into His full purposes, His Kingdom and His blessing. I think I could write a book on this.

Second, thanks to all who commented on the blog post concerning McLaren Driscoll exchange and “the homosexual question.” Thanks Kristine, Nate for your encouraging words. And to MM who always manages to land his ready reminder to not think too much – but do? Is that what you’re always saying MM BTW? Thanks to Mark Van Steenwyk’s blog, Todd’s Blog, Bob Hyatt’s blogg and other blogs who made encouraging comments about the blog post. In regards to this issue of the homosexual question, the issue that has divided churches across N America, especially protestant mainline, I pray God uses the emerging church conversation to get somewhere in forging a unity on this issue among Christians that forms a community that is both healing and faithful to Christ, the redeemer of all creation, regarding this issue.

Lastly, as I have become more associated with the emerging church, I have been trying to be attentive to the theological issues that seem to have attached themselves (emerged) to the “emerging church movement.” Many of these key theological issues discussed in the emerging conversation have been issues I myself have been working through for several years. I think putting together a list might be helpful, yes another list of “emerging church” something … My question to emerging leaders, pastors, friends, is what do people think the defining theological issues of the emerging church might be? I hope to blog on this list shortly. Give me your list if you have one? Call it the defining theological issues for the emerging church North America list. I hope to blog on this list soon … and then I hope to begin my regular blog schedule (once a week) starting Mar 5th.

Blessings from Russia, and thanks for all your prayers
David Fitch