Awakenings 2023 All Workshops (audio only)



What is the role of the church in the pursuit of justice?- Panel: Drew Hart, Dele Okuwobi, David Swanson, Marlena Graves Moderator: Matthew Watson

Ecosystems of Jubilee: Economic Ethics for the Neighborhood: Adam Gustine and Jose Humphreys

Safe Spaces: Creating Gender Reconciled Communities: Elizabeth Gerhardt

Reimagining Discipleship: Charles Self

A Just Mission: Power & Mutuality: Mekdes Haddis

A New Kind of Authority: Tara Beth Leach

Mission-Forward Church Culture: Terry Ishee

Empowering your church for advocacy: Michelle Warren

Unsettling Truths: You Can’t Discover Lands Already Inhabited: Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah

Keep yourself in the Love of God: Jared Patrick Boyd

The Gospel of Rupture and Repair: Attaching to God amid the Disruptions: Geoff and Cyd Holsclaw

Practicing Presence in Neglected Neighborhoods: Jonathan “Pastah J” Brooks

Color Courageous Discipleship: Michelle Sanchez

5 Things You Didn’t Know About CRT: Jeff Liou

The Moment Before God: Deb and Alan Hirsch

Deconstruction: When faith stops working: Ben Sternke and Matt Tebbe

The future of the global church:What can we learn from leaders in the Global South? Panel:Kyu Lee, Daniel Yang, Ruth Padilla Deborst, Nina Balmaceda Moderator: Laura Yoder

Economic Disruption is here: How Pastors can Respond: Dee Stokes