Young, Wrestling and Always Reforming – All Conference Audio



This file contains all of the conference audio from the May 2016 Once and Future Mission event held by Missio Alliance in Philadelphia, PA.

This gathering, which we entitled, “Young, Wrestling, and Always Reforming: The Mission of God and the Continuing Reformation of the Church,” emerged from a strong and diverse group of voices who identify with the Reformed theological tradition, yet haven’t felt quite “at home” among other spaces of conversation and belonging claiming to represent this stream of the Church. Our hope and prayer is that this brief event might serve as a catalyst for new forms of connectedness and collaboration among these friends as well as between this tribe and other tribes who are asking similar questions, wrestling with similar issues, and evidence a primary commitment to journeying forward into God’s mission together.


Every Square Inch & Mission from the Bottom Up – Ruth Padilla DeBorst
The Priesthood Of All Believers As Counter-Imperial Witness
 – Jin Kim
Semper Reformanda?: Recovering a Flexible, Contextual, Missional Ecclesiology for the Reformed Community – Corey Widmer
Chosen for Mission: Re-imagining Election for the Sake of Others – Carl Ellis
Finally Becoming Trinitarian: From Father, Son, and Holy Book, to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Cherith Nordling
Reformed Outside Christendom: Theological Tools and Heroes for the New World – Kyuboem Lee
Formed, Not Found: Hearing And Heeding God’s Call For The Transformation Of The World – Tod Bolsinger
The Reformed Pastor In Rittenhouse Square – Jared Ayers


Freeing Reformed Theology from its Christendom Captivity – David Fitch
Reformation & Restoration – Carla Sunberg


Preaching for Transformation – Jared Ayers, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Jin Kim, Corey Widmer, Carl Ellis
Is a Reformed Renewal of New Testament Discipleship Possible TODAY? – Ed Gross & Brewster Hastings
Reimagining Theological Education 500 Years After Calvin – Jin Kim
Emancipating Reformed Tradition from White Supremacy – Carl Ellis, Corey Widmer, David Bailey
Reimagining Women in Leadership – Frank & Carolyn Custis James
Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This – Tod Bolsinger
Mere Evangelicalism: Defining a Fracturing Movement – Peter Choi


The Reformed Tradition: Past, Present, Future – Moses Chung, Frank James, Peter Choi, Shannon Kaiser
The Reformed Tradition & the Christendom Legacy – David Fitch, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Jin Kim, Carl Ellis, Cherith Nordling
Reformation & Restoration – Carla Sunberg, Corey Widmer, Kyuboem Lee, Tod Bolsinger, Jared Ayers