All Session 1 Awakenings Workshops

This bundle includes the following workshops:

  1. Missional Leadership in Politically Charged Times: The Powers, Politics and the Holy Spirit | JR Woodward & Justin Fung
  2. The Spirit of Innovation: Models for Breaking New Ground in Old Places | Jin S. Kim & Nathan Yoder
  3. Partnering with the Spirit in Formation | James Bryan Smith, Keas Keasler, Jan Johnson
  4. Discerning a Spirit-Guided Ecclesiology & Practice | Shannon Kiser & Verlon Fosner
  5. Becoming a New Kind of Charismatic: Entering into the Life of Spirit with as Little Baggage as Possible | Todd Hunter & Tammy Dunahoo
  6. The Spirit of Holiness | Alan Hirsch & Jo Anne Lyon
  7. The Grace of Unanimity: Decision-Making under the Holy Spirit | Peter Momssen & Esau McCaulley
  8. Fighting the Devil & His Demons: Not Your Average Church Leaders Guide to Spiritual Warfare | Greg Boyd & Greg Brewer
  9. Spiritual Encounter in Creative Expression: Reflective Art Prayer | Mandy Smith & Cyd Holsclaw
  10. Created for Communion | Carey Sims & Gannon Sims

The Local Church & Economic Transformation: Wisdom from the Spirit Beyond Left & Right | Aaron Richardson & Charlie Self was part of Session 1 workshops but was not recorded. 

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