Anointed Revolt: The Spirit, The Believer, and the Cosmic Conflict

Speakers: Greg Boyd

The Holy Spirit is most often associated with love, peace, comfort and healing. These associations are of course not wrong, but we often overlook the truth that the Spirit is also associated with war — not against “flesh and blood,” but against “the principalities and powers” (Ephesians 6:12). In this session we’ll explore the Spirit-filled life of Jesus to discern how the Spirit empowered him to revolt against ungodly and unjust systematic aspects of his culture as well as against the cosmic powers that fueled them. As people who are called to imitate Jesus, we have to ask: What are the ungodly and unjust systemic aspects of our culture that the Spirit wants to empower us to revolt against, and what does this revolt look like on an individual and communal level?”

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